Meet the Luxes

The southern sweetheart who can't live in a world without bubble baths, surprises, pretty heels, lipstick & champagne.

I believe in dressing up for no reason, dates with my husband every Friday night & wearing lipstick to the grocery store. I am obsessed with bubble baths & hand poured candles. I feel the most myself when I am wearing something sparkly, something pink, & pretty heels. I love fashion & I will not apologize for having too many bags or shoes! I am a extrovert all the way & I have never met a stranger. My other love is sweets, Duck Donuts in particular! If skipping dinner & just ordering dessert & champagne were acceptable, I would do it on the daily. I dream of moving to Charleston one day, if I can ever convince my Husband. I love surprises & I always really laugh when having my photo taken - I swear it totally looks different!
 I am completely obsessed with capturing romance & laughter.

Known for: lipstick, sparkles,and endless amounts of pink details.

MEET Chelsey

hello there!

Meet Marc

The southern gentleman who never skips a football Sunday, has an endless bow tie collection, & isn't afraid to chase big dreams.

Hey guys! I'm Marc, Chelsey's other half! I am the owner of DLUX Motorsports in Fredericksburg, VA. Big lifted truck are more than just a job, it's a passion! I love having my own business, so when Chelsey decided to become a small business owner, I was so excited to join her in our photography business. When I'm not working you can find me watching just about any sports game on tv (Go Nats!), playing a round (or two) of golf, or fishing with my buddies. We work hard and know how to have fun! Chelsey + I are more than blessed to own two small businesses + to live a life we love.

Known for: his favorite leather loafers, big lifted trucks & a competitive golf game followed by drinks at the 19th hole


hello there

Meet Chelsey

Family is everything to us and we are so blessed to have our two littles, Harper & Kiptyn. We spend most of our days laughing way too much. We enjoy cooking together, Carl's ice cream on Sunday afternoons & cuddling up to watch a movie.

The Luxes 

Meet our Family!

The kind of laughter that makes your stomach ache & cheeks sore is our favorite thing to capture in our Brides!

In Laughing out loud

We Believe

Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding & a forever kind of love.   We make those special wedding day moments last a lifetime.

Fairytale endings

We Believe

First looks are always amazing!     The genuine, heartfelt reactions can't be duplicated. They are honest, emotional, full of joy & laughter!

First Looks

We Believe

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is detail shots. From rings & passed down jewelry to florals & pretty shoes- They tell a story about your day.

The details matter

We Believe

These days weddings don't have to be "by the book". Your wedding should represent your personality & the things you love! 

 In Making your own traditions

We Believe

The promises spoken, the hope of a future with your soul mate, the love shared is all in those words written for the day two become one.

In Handwritten vows

We Believe

The morning of a wedding is full of excitement! I love walking into a bridal suite to hear music & laughter. Cheers!

Mimosas with your best friends

We Believe

In a digital world we forget the power in printing images. Surround yourselves with the memories you cherish most!

White matted frames

We Believe

 summer days at the beach

Sunshine & Salty Air

 Fluffy Peonies & Love notes

Nothing says "I love you" quite like peonies with a sweet little note. 

 Lipstick & Big curls

Bright painted lips & Big Southern Hair

all things pink & glittery

I also like to believe glitter is a neutral.

Bubble Baths & netflix

Extra bubbles please!


 Louis Vuitton, Louboutin & Lux
The three L's that I love!


I have been known to be a bit of a fancy pants
 (I don't even need a reason to celebrate)


Everything about this city makes my heart so happy.


If it doesn't move, monogram it!

Harper & Kiptyn

My spunky little firecracker of a daughter & My handsome baby boy


Our sweet yorkipoo!
Also goes by Chasey boy, Chasey baby & Wubbs


My Favorite Things


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