Meet the Luxes

The southern sweetheart who can't live in a world without bubble baths, surprises, pretty heels, lipstick & champagne.

I believe in dressing up for no reason, dates with my husband every Friday night & wearing lipstick to the grocery store. I am obsessed with bubble baths & hand poured candles. I feel the most myself when I am wearing something sparkly, something blush & pretty heels. I love fashion & I will not apologize for having too many bags or shoes! I am an extrovert all the way & I have never met a stranger. My other love is sweets, Duck Donuts in particular! If skipping dinner & just ordering dessert & champagne were acceptable, I would do it on the daily. I dream of moving to Charleston one day, if I can ever convince my Husband. I love surprises & I always really laugh when having my photo taken - I swear it totally looks different!
 I am completely obsessed with capturing romance & laughter.

Known for: lipstick, sparkles,and endless amounts of pink details.

MEET Chelsey

hello there!

Meet Marc

The southern gentleman who never skips a football Sunday, has an endless bow tie collection, & isn't afraid to chase big dreams.

Hey guys! I'm Marc, Chelsey's other half! I am the owner of DLUX Motorsports in Fredericksburg, VA. Big lifted truck are more than just a job, it's a passion! I love having my own business, so when Chelsey decided to become a small business owner, I was so excited to join her in our photography business. When I'm not working you can find me watching just about any sports game on tv (Go Nats!), playing a round (or two) of golf, or fishing with my buddies. We work hard and know how to have fun! Chelsey + I are more than blessed to own two small businesses + to live a life we love.

Known for: his favorite leather loafers, big lifted trucks & a competitive golf game followed by drinks at the 19th hole


hello there

Meet Chelsey

Family is everything to us and we are so blessed to have our two littles, Harper, Kiptyn & Hattie Faye! We spend most of our days laughing way too much. We enjoy cooking together, Carl's ice cream on Sunday afternoons & cuddling up to watch a movie.

The Luxes 

Meet our Family!

The kind of laughter that makes your stomach ache & cheeks sore is our favorite thing to capture in our Brides!

In Laughing out loud

We Believe

Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding & a forever kind of love.   We make those special wedding day moments last a lifetime.

Fairytale endings

We Believe

First looks are always amazing!     The genuine, heartfelt reactions can't be duplicated. They are honest, emotional, full of joy & laughter!

First Looks

We Believe

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is detail shots. From rings & passed down jewelry to florals & pretty shoes- They tell a story about your day.

The details matter

We Believe

These days weddings don't have to be "by the book". Your wedding should represent your personality & the things you love! 

 In Making your own traditions

We Believe

The promises spoken, the hope of a future with your soul mate, the love shared is all in those words written for the day two become one.

In Handwritten vows

We Believe

The morning of a wedding is full of excitement! I love walking into a bridal suite to hear music & laughter. Cheers!

Mimosas with your best friends

We Believe

In a digital world we forget the power in printing images. Surround yourselves with the memories you cherish most!

White matted frames

We Believe

 summer days at the beach

Sunshine & Salty Air

 Fluffy Peonies & Love notes

Nothing says "I love you" quite like peonies with a sweet little note. 

 Lipstick & Big curls

Bright painted lips & Big Southern Hair

all things pink & glittery

I also like to believe glitter is a neutral.

Bubble Baths & netflix

Extra bubbles please!


 Louis Vuitton, Louboutin & Lux
The three L's that I love!


I have been known to be a bit of a fancy pants
 (I don't even need a reason to celebrate)


Everything about this city makes my heart so happy.


If it doesn't move, monogram it!

Harper & Kiptyn

My spunky little firecracker of a daughter & My handsome baby boy


Our sweet yorkipoo!
Also goes by Chasey boy, Chasey baby & Wubbs


My Favorite Things


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